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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  August 7, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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about the members of the team and what this could mean in the war. drew levenson starts our team coverage tonight. >> reporter: the u.s. military believes the twin rotor chinook helicopter, like this one, was shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade. sources from the u.s. military say the giant nato chopper was called to the action as a backup. a team conducting a night raid on taliban fighters was in trouble. the chopper went down as it arrived to help. cbs news has learned more than 20 u.s. special operations forces, most of them navy s.e.a.l.s, were killed. the helicopter's five crewmembers are also dead, along with seven afghan commandos, a civilian interpreter, and a dog. the chinook went down in a valley in the wardak province, west of the capital city of kabul, an area considered a taliban strong hold. it's the taliban claiming responsibility for shooting down the helicopter. in a statement, president obama said their deaths are a reminder of the extraordinary sacrifices made by the men and women of our
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military, and their families. afghan president hamid karzai offered his condolences to the president and the soldiers' families. cbs news confirms the s.e.a.l.s who died were from the same unit involved in the raid that killed osama bin laden, but none of them took part in that mission. this is the worst single-day loss of life for the u.s.-led forces in afghanistan. since the war began nearly a decade ago. during a bike race in massachusetts, senator john kerry said these things are going to happen as the u.s. reduces its troops in the region. >> it's very sad. the faster we can transition to the afghans, the better. >> reporter: the chairman of the joint steves of chaff added, the best way to honor the soldiers' sacrifice is to keep fighting. tonight, we have the names of three of the navy s.e.a.l.s killed when their chopper went down. tennessee native aaron carson. arkansas native john brown.
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and 25-year-old michael strange from philadelphia. the total number of american dead from operation enduring freedom in afghanistan now stands at 1679. more than 1300 of the dead come from combat. just in the past eight months, 297 of our forces have been killed in afghanistan. for more on the u.s. helicopter downed by enemy fire, i'm joined by shawn naylor, senior writer for the army times. it's something you cover. what can you add to all of this? >> what we know is this was a force from a task force that is commanded by joint special operations command, which is the most elite special operations command that the u.s. military has. and the s.e.a.l.s were for the most part drawn from the naval special warfare development group, aka, seal team 6 from
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virginia. >> near norfolk. >> yes, near norfolk. there was, as has been reported, 38 casualties total, 7 were afghan commandos, one civilian interpreter, 22 navy s.e.a.l.s and direct support troops from the naval special warfare community. tell me this, for those of us who don't follow this as closely as you, was this luck on the part of the taliban, or did they have intelligence on the ground? did they know what they were shooting at? >> it's hard to say for sure, because the investigations have only just begun. but in all likelihood, it was just a lucky shot. >> because you say there are missions like this every night. how many? >> yes, joint special operations commands, task force in afghanistan probably run about 10 to 12 of these every single night of the week. you heard drew levenson reporting. you reported first this wasn't the normal mode of transportation. a backup helicopter, is that correct? >> well, i don't know whether backup would be the right word, but it was a regular army
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chinook helicopter rather than a special operations chinook helicopter and crew from the 160th special operations aviation regimen, when is the unit that usually supports naval special warfare development group,. >> and again, nothing unusual about having this many highly skilled, highly trained military people aboard the same vehicle? >> not at all. the chinook is a big helicopter and can easily tkach date them. >> probably celebrating in the streets tonight? >> i don't know about in the streets, but certainly using it to their propaganda advantage. >> shawn naylor, thanks for joining us. appreciate the information. our coverage of the story continues online at coming up later in this broadcast, more reaction from president obama and what people are saying in our area about this tragic loss. turning to our financial experts, the downgrading of the u.s. credit rating could trigger
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another financial crisis. yesterday, standard & poor's dropped the government from aaa status to aa-plus. the move comes as wall street wrapped up its worst two weeks since the financial crisis of 2008. s&p says months of haggling in congress over budget cuts led to the downgrade. other agencies have retained the u.s. aaa rating, but mood moody's and fitch have issued warnings they may follow s and p. earlier tonight, i spoke with an international finance expert from george washington university. >> it means life will get a little harder for sometime, at least for the remainder of this year. the economy's going to slow down. we know that's going to happen. jobs are probably not going to pick up. we're not going to have improvement in the job picture. it looks quite bleak for the next six months. the doctor says standard &
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poor's had warned the u.s. since last april not to let the debt ceiling go down to the wire. she says the s and p does not have confidence in the u.s. government. storms dumping rain in parts of the washington area and flooding now a big concern. annie is here to tell us where the biggest threat is. >> bruce, we have a flash flood warning for parts of culpepper county tonight. we're looking at pretty good rain falling, numerous road closures and flash flooding. around the beltway, you can see things aren't dry. we do have cloudy conditions out there, but if i zoom in to show you where the flooding is, it's right here in culpepper county, where you can see quite a bit of rain still falling. it's now starting to impact parts of eastern culpepper county. we're looking at 3 to 4 inches of rain total as far as storm totals are concerned for culpepper. the flash flood warning goes into effect until 12:4r5 sunday early morning. not a whole lot longer.
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now, at night, it's hard to see flooding. we want to remind you, never cross a flooded street by car or foot. also, make sure you've got flashlights and batteries, in case of power concerns. overnight for the rest of the area, mostly cloudy conditions, muggy. you can really feel it's heavy. we're looking at the possibility of more showers and thunderstorms overnight, lows generally low to mid-70s and the winds out of the south at 5 to 10 miles per hour. slight chance you could also see fog developing around the shen doughwa valley. we'll talk about the heat coming up. still ahead, a homeless veteran gets big help from channel 9 viewers. plus, a final good-bye for a young woman whose ĂșcĂș;ckca/
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family and friends gathered to say a final good-bye today to a maryland woman who was
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brutally killed. 27-year-old lauren giddings had been attending law school in macon, georgia when she went missing in june. five days later, her dismembered body was found in a garbage bag. a neighbor, stephen mcdaniel, was arrested. >> she was afraid, thought someone had tried to break in her apartment on thursday night and she was afraid to stay in there. >> investigators say it was mcdaniel who broke into her apartment. he had been jailed for several weeks on burglary charges and will now face additional charges in connection with giddings death. coming up tonight, what people visiting arlington national cemetery are saying about the loss of nearly 30 u.s. service members killed by a single taliban rocket. plus, a bottle with a special message inside travels all the way from oregon to hawaii and leads to love for skating.
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it all started when i was little and my dad took me to our local rink..
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an update on a report we told you about this week. a homeless veteran is finally getting help. desiree curtis lost her job, home, and needs to undergo surgery. after we aired her story, representatives from the va's maryland healthcare system offered up some housing options to curtis and plan to meet with her again next week. in the meantime, curtis is staying in a hotel with funds provided bideau nations from an organization that helps female veterans. returning to our continuing coverage of u.s. helicopter that was shot down in afghanistan, among the dead, 22 navy s.e.a.l.s. now, in a lengthy statement, president obama is asking americans to unite in support of all our men and women in uniform. the commander in chief says, quote, we will draw inspiration from their lives and continue the work of securing our country and standing up for the values that they embodied. funerals for many of the fallen in today's helicopter tragedy will most certainly take place at arlington national
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cemetery. today, we went there, spoke with families already familiar with the grief of such a loss. >> i want to say i'm sorry for them. it's got to be heart breaking. i can't imagine losing my husband, something happening to him. >> seal team 6 is probably the most well trained, top of the best group. it hurts me that you tell me, because i heard there was a helicopter crash today. >> i feel really bad for the guys who are over there. lot of people, we don't want them over there because we don't believe in it, but at the same time, we want to support them. meantime, a new june poll for the first time shows the majority of americans say they want the troops to return home from afghanistan as soon as possible. virginia shoppers have just one more day to take advantage of tax-free shopping, like those customers in alexandria. until 11:59 sunday night, shoppers won't have to pay the
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5% sales tax on school supplies under $20 or clothing and footwear under $100. maryland's tax holiday begins august 16 and runs to the 20th. today was fan appreciation today at redskins park. we caught up with some of the fans today as they got caught up with the burgandy and gold. >> you get the fans coming from maryland, virginia, dc, some west virginia. you look out in the parking lot, you see tags from north carolina. >> lot of people came out. i think the weather was good today and people are just excited that, you know, the season's back on. >> lot of people out there today, and it shows their support for us and we're going to give them something to be proud of. >> today's events included a 90-minute team practice, performances by the redskins marching band and of course the redskins cheerleaders. message in a bottle is responsible for a new friendship between an oregon boy and a girl living some 2000 miles away. last year, thomas craig found an
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odd-shaped bottle while fishing with his dad. the 11-year-old dropped a note inside with his e-mail address and tossed the bottle into the winchester bay. the bottle made its way to the shores of hawaii's big island, where 9-year-old trinity found it. she e-mailed back and the two became fast friends. >> this was literally my reaction! i was, like! i just kind of -- i just sprang up like -- ran over to the computer, going, really, really? someone found it? no way! >> he reported that before he got trinity's e-mail, his summer had been pretty uneventful. dozens of dogs and cats have new homes tonight, thanks to the washington animal rescue league pet adoption marathon. the weekend event allows people to pay what you wish for a priceless new cat or dog. look at that, will you? all the animals have been vaccinated, spayed and neutered and given medical and behavioral evaluations. as of an hour ago, there were 7
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dogs and a little over two dozen cats looking for homes. the pet adoption marathon is open until sunday evening at 8:00 p.m. >> so cute! i want to take all of them home! look at that one! >> go pick out two or three to go with the gorgeous dogs you already have. >> i can only deal with one. for the pet adoption tomorrow, bruce, maybe dodging showers and thunderstorms, isolated, though, so not a complete washout. >> early, late? >> generally afternoon and early evening. >> okay. >> you want to bring out the umbrellas. keep those handy just in case. it will also be a very muggy, steamy day with those storms. temperatures really climbing up. here's a look at live doppler 9000 hd. it is active tonight. we've got showers and thunderstorms around the beltway, though, fairly quiet. we just have cloudy conditions. north of us, we have storms, a pretty good system north of glenn elks crossing interstate 70 here, also impacting randalls
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town. to the south of us, culpepper county is really getting a lot of rain. right here is where we had the flash flooding warning in effect till 12:45 early sunday morning. so only for another hour or so. and we put this into future scan to show you where it's going to go in the next 16 minutes. it will be heading south a little bit, just south of gold vein, and then just kind of setting up west of fredericsburg. parts of 95 will remain wet. you'll have to watch for pretty good downpours late tonight. if you are dealing with that flash flooding, definitely do not try to cross that. lot of roads have been closed, so it's a very dangerous situation. we've had pretty good rainfall totals here. the district is picking up 0.65 inches. we can take this. we'll use it. beltsville, .86. falls church, just over half an inch of rain. definitely need it.
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the grass and lawns are really parched. right now, temperatures in the 79-degree area. winchester, 73. annapolis in the lower 80s. it does feel muggy because of the dewpoints in the 70s. that's oppressive stuff. fredericksburg, upper 70s. that is really, really muggy for you. now right now, 79 at the airport. feels like 82 with the dewpoint at 73. we have cloudy skies out there. here's a look at the satellite and radar picture, where pretty much the entire midatlantic and east coast getting scattered showers and storms with an area of low pressure that will continue the threat of showers and storms tomorrow. then we're also going to be heating up. sunday, keep your eyes to the sky. hot and muggy will be the big story. heat advisory is possible. our friends at the national weather service saying with the dewpoints being so high, it may feel like 105 in some locations, so if that's issued, we'll keep you posted, especially on our website, monday, starting the work week,
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looking hot again. here's a look at the future cast. we'll see cloudy conditions in the morning, may clear out partially in the afternoon. but again, spotty thunderstorms and showers coming through once again late afternoon and early into the evening. so overnight, what can you expect as you're sleeping? mostly cloudy and muggy with showers and storms. scattered, low of 70 to 75. tomorrow morning for church, expect mostly cloudy and warm conditions and isolated shower if possible. air quality is code yellow, which is moderate. and the winds will be out of the southwest at 5 to 10. now, in the afternoon, partly to mostly cloudy, hot with isolated storms. highs will be 90 to 95 degrees. around downtown, near mid-90s. annapolis, cooler at 89 degrees. culpepper at 94. lorain, lower 90s. cooler air in cumberland at 88 degrees. also folks going to the beach, here's your beach forecast for sunday. ocean city, lower 90s, chance for showers and storms.
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otherwise, partly cloudy. bethany beach, chance for showers and storms as well. here's how your sunday breaks down. 70s in the morning, but warm by noon. then at 5:00, watch for those storms. 89 to 94 degrees. here's your seven-day outlook. hot again on monday to start your work week. and then notice, bruce, cooling down a little bit into the upper 80s by wednesday and thursday. friday, looking pretty good, upper 80s as well. that's where we should be, upper 80s, for our average high. watch out for flash flooding in culpepper county. tomorrow morning on the way to church services, might encounter closed roads. >> and it's oregon. >> oregon. i'm from there. >> all right, she's correcting me. hall of fame today? >> not a dry eye in the house. wonderful speeches up there today, as the 2011 nfl hall of fame class enshrined. we'll show you the special moment for former red skin chris han burger, and could the
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nfl films founder ed sable called it the impossible dream, just moments after being enshrined into the pro football hall of fame. for six others, that dream came true tonight in canton, including a former red skin known for his violent hits on the field and his humbleness off of it. former linebacker chris hamburger presented by his son
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chris. during his 14-year career, he was selected for 9 pro bowles, the most in washington red skin history. now 33 years after his final game, he joins an elite class of players. >> i don't know the process to get in here at all. i don't know the process, the nomination, et cetera, but i can tell you one thing, i thank those folks very much. this is one of the greatest moments in my life, and i mean that from my heart. >> his former team back on the field, hoping to bring more glory to washington, but with less than a week until their first preseason game, several players could only stand on the sidelines and watch out because of injuries. that bug struck again today. quarterback john beck left practice early, after hurting his groin during a drill. beck says it's nothing serious, he just felt a tightness and
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wanted to make sure. mike shanahan doesn't seem concerned either. we'll wait and see. chris cooley's knee has bothered him all season. he had it drained and told to stay off the field today. he is expected back on monday. for him, it can't come soon enough. >> i've had to watch practice the last two days. it drives me absolutely bonkers. i can't stand not being a part of the team and not being a part of the practice, so i try to kind of help fred and logan and those guys as much as i can. and for the first time this preseason, the redskins were in pads for practice, and despite the mounting injuries, lack of organized team activities, ota's in the off season, coach mike shanahan has said he is pleased with the progress his team has made the past week and a half. the national victory over colorado last night took a back seat to the well-being of nats pitcher, taking a line to the
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head and carted off the field. he is stable tonight after he got neck surgery this afternoon. both teams trying to move forward tonight, as game 3 in denver, bottom of the 4th, nats down 3, now 4. chris ianetta with the solo shot. rockies lead 6-2 and go on to win 15-7. don't forget, nats fans, stephen strasburgh makes his first rehab start tomorrow, 4:05 in hagueerstown, expected to pitch two innings. huge crowd there tomorrow. tennis classic in rockford. now 5-2 isner in the second. the winner will face either donald young or stie pan he can. too strong for donald young, the czech advancing to tomorrow's
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final. dc united hosting toronto in a monster game. 87th minute, dc down 1 when austin gets fouled, and the pk and he buries it. that's his third goal of the game. but in true soccer fashion, it ends in a 3-3 draw. liberty versus mystique at verizon center. big game, 3 of her 32 points, mystique wins their fourth game, 91-81. some good news, some not so much, but it was cool to watch those hall of fame speeches. >> 33 years, he waited. >> 33 years waiting. >> congratulations to him. hot tomorrow, chance of storms in the afternoon. keep the umbrellas handy. have a good night, everybody. see you tomorrow.
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it's the best in our backstory series on this year's emmy's nominees ahead of next month's big award show. >> it's an exciting "insider." hello, i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >> when fox called and asked me to host this year's emmys, the first thing i said was, you know i'm not ellen degeneres, right? >> you're crazy. >> i'm crazy? pot-kettle, charlie. >> forgotten commercials, her meager beginnings before "glee." and mr. bigg on a soap. >> and juliana margulies commercial past. >> plus the big bang theory cast. >> it's the inside of our back story on us. >> and kaley in a fat


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